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Ross, Teri and Baby to be! – St. John’s, Newfoundland Maternity Photography

Teri was pretty close to her due date when we did these, you can just see how much she’s glowing and that baby bump is just beautiful! Her partner in crime there is Ross, who happens to be one of my closest friends, infact, Ross was my best man at my wedding, he’s my son’s God Father and I’m the God Father of the little bundle that was residing inside (more about that in a blog coming soon!!!) Teri’s belly! So, I was of course,¬†ecstatic¬†to get the opportunity to take some awesome images of them before baby got the eviction notice!

Ross happens to be a Mustang enthusiast so of course we had to take some shots with the ‘stang!

Did I also mention that Ross and Teri recently got engaged? No? Well here’s the ring, pretty classy!

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